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Work on HR Projects!

Did you know that the majority of large companies are happy to hire external workers for project-type work? 


Varied professional work, with flexible work schedule, which in many cases can be done in the home office and part-time. 

It doesn't matter how old you are, what kind of career you've had so far, you can start in any field, at any level. 

If you are not only looking for a job, but a profession 

Why is it worth joining?
In recent years, this year project-based work has become especially valued due to the impact of COVID-19
and the structured project approach in HR as well.

Unique, future-proof project manager and specialist roles have been created, which are no longer bound by corporate constraints – they are not embedded in the organizational hierarchy, can be done in flexible working hours or even completely online, and are not affected by company policy.
The fantastic quality of the project workforce is that it is only the result of work and performance
does not matter, age, marital status and other hidden filter conditions do not affect the possibilities.

Who is the project work for? 

The project is work and a way of life for those who work according to a plan, understand the task exactly based on the client's needs,  carry out HR development or transformation projects to a high standard both independently and in a team. They train themselves on the go and during work, and use the team's strength and collective knowledge. They are not afraid to take on new tasks and learn.

What kind of jobs are these? 

Typically in company projects, activities supporting daily work, administrative, specialist or leading tasks in the HR professional field.

Yes, but I want to work in a team! 

All projects are team work, where we work as subcontractors, not as employees, just because of the nature of the work. It may happen that we work on projects at different companies. 

How will I develop professionally, what will happen to my career? 

Project work provides plenty of on-the-job development opportunities at the commissioning companies. We also provide regular training.

Will I always have a job? 

It depends on you, if you perform well, you will have more and more references, and successful assignments will lead to further projects. 

How long does a project take? 

This varies greatly, it can be a few months, but often it can take a year or even more. You may be working on two projects at the same time.

How much can I earn? 

It depends on the amount of work undertaken, but in terms of price-value ratio you will be significantly better off than if you worked for a company. 

If you have decided that you would like to work on projects and would like to prepare for this with a quick training,apply for our workshops andjoin our Project-Based HR Jobs group

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