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HR is an extremely versatile field that usually provides many professional opportunities and exciting tasks in a company.
This is how I started my career in 2000. As a rule, I was already at work at 7 in the morning, I considered it an honor to be able to work 10-12 hours a day for a large company at the lowest level of the hierarchy.

I soon became responsible for an independent area of recruitment and selection, and I shuddered at the feeling that these activities could not continue without me during my rare days off. Tasks and work awaited me.

Then later I was responsible for more and more HR areas around the world at various companies. Meanwhile, I had children, and I really envied people who juggled their time and energy wisely. I would have liked to spend more time with my family, to have more time for myself, since I did not move up the ranks to have more work, but to manage my time independently. It didn't happen that way. My quality of life rather deteriorated, constant headaches and chronic fatigue sometimes made me unable to work. The regular trips took the remaining strength out of me. Going to work every day and spending hours in the office no longer made me happy.

Then came the question.
How can I keep the HR work that I love without breaking away from the corporate environment?
During my corporate work, I worked with large project teams, in which mainly external specialists worked. As a highly experienced, professional workforce, they were able to do work that was the most creative part of being in a large company. In addition, they were characterized by a way of life, way of thinking and easy self-assertion, which was exemplary for me.

I decided to work on the project.
I completed quite a few trainings and looked for communities that are working on similar projects and I was able to exchange experiences with them.
I'm not saying that it was a short and easy journey, but now I feel that the way of life I wanted has come together, which gives me real independence, stability and freedom.

What is it that would have been good to know at the very beginning? How could I have shortened the path?
We answer these questions during the webinar, and in our workshops we apply and learn methods that help us become a sought-after and strong project workforce.

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