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Grow Your Vision

Project Powerhouse
Continue your career in projects 

Grow your Vision in an Exclusive Project Readiness program in 4 weeks
Transform your Corporate Expertise into Project Management Mastery 

Discover all the compelling advantages of the project life

  • Efficiency in Job Search -  apply successfully  for company projects 

  • Experience enhanced efficiency at work, leaving you with ample energy to invest in personal development, hobbies, sports, and a healthy lifestyle.

  • Build a robust support system that allows you to focus on pursuits that drive both financial and personal growth.

  • With Project Mastery, not only do you earn enough to lead a free and contented life, but you also provide security for your family's future.

  • Seize success on your terms and create a fulfilling professional and personal journey with us.

Project Powerhouse
Invest in your Freedom 
Save your Spot*


Start your journey in our project community

  • Learn in virtual teams

  • Work on case studies

  • Creative, task-oriented approach

  • Adaptive Problem Solving

  • Save time

  • Building relationship 

  • Tools and techniques  that work

Market demand
  • You can immediately use the knowledge in your job search and at work

  • You will have a striking CV tailored to the world of the project

  • You will be a member of a live, active network 

  • You can always come back if you need help

Other benefits 
  • You will get into our partners' database and our own project pool

  • We will display you in our website as our project specialist

You'll Learn

Project Machine

Building a New Lifestyle which generates income. Proven Methods and Knowledge in the World of International Projects.

Project Management

Essential tools, skills and knowledge for managing projects

Business Analysis

Proven methods for identifying business needs and effective project support 

Change Management 

Effective Change Management for ensuring a smooth transition and maximizing employee engagement

Course fee

The price of the Project Powerhouse program is 199 Euro.

We offer a 20% discount for PMSZ members.

Charge of free participation for teachers and education professionals in the public sector.

*Payment details on the registration form

Join the waiting list 

Dates will come soon  

Total of 4 sessions online between 13:30 – 16:45.

Bonus: 2 sessions of HR Project Career Coaching to make your start easier.


* The registration is a non-binding commitment. Once the program launches, you will receive information without any obligation. At that point, you can assess the details and decide whether you would like to join us. 


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